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AMSAT Software links

collection of software related in some way to the amateur satellite

Antenna lookangles calculations

Azimuth and Elevation angles for any GEO satellite

Ballistic simulator Orbit

Orbit - Ballistic Simulator - the physical principles

CALSAT32 ver 1.4.7

concerning satellite communications, to HP of JAMSAT

Calculator for azimuth and elevation angle

Technology Calculators for azimuth and elevation angle

Controlled tv rotator for amsat satellites

Cheap computer controlled tv rotatorfor amsat satellites

David Taylor Satellite tools

the Icom IC-R2, again something that I'd been intending


DXSAT est un programme de suivi de satellites

ERC are RS232- USB or LAN-interfaces

suitable to upgrade rotor-controllers which cannot be controlled by computers


Complete Satellite Tracking and Overflight Prediction Software

FODtrack Satellite Tracking Interface

the dual-axis rotors control interface page


GorbTrack or Geostationary Orbit Tracker is a freeware


Gpredict is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction

Home Planet Release 3.3a

Release 3.3a for Windows 95/98/Me and NT 4.0/2000/XP

InstantTrack version 1.50 Released

We created J-Track so you could quickly and easily keep track

Low Cost Satellite Antennas

All you need to build a simple VHF or UHF 1/4 wave groundplane antenna is a coax chassis connector and number 12 or larger wire scraps

Nova For Windows

Fast accurate real-time tracking information for an unlimited


ORBITEL is a FREE program that will filter satellite element file

Orbitron 3.71 Download

Satellite tracking system for radio amateur and observing purposes

Orbitron Satellite Tracking System

Orbitron is a satellite tracking system for radio amateur and observing purposes


During satellite operation many tasks needs to be performed


PetitTrack is a satellite tracker for the Sharp Zaurus

PocketSat Version: 2.4

PocketSat - Satellite Tracking Software for the PalmPilot


multi-user satellite tracking and orbital prediction program

Real Time Satellite tracking

Satellite and space shuttle news

Receiving NOAA Weather Satellite Images

antenna is a circularly polarized antenna


Freeware for satellite tracking and antenna positionning

Satellite orbit calculation according to DJ0SX

With the satellite program from DJ0SX Peter you can create schedules for over 500 satellites or calculate 23 satellites in text mode

Satbuster Versione 1.8.2

dedicato all'osservazione e al tracciamento dei satelliti artificiali

Satellite Tracking Software Index

This index provides links to information on satellite tracking software

Satellite Look Angle Calculator
Look Angles Calculator GEO satellite

Production Commercial
Erc are rs232- usb or lan-interfaces for almost any rotator in the world-are available as 1-axis-interface for azimuth and as 2-axis-interface for azimuth&elevation or dual-azimuth-support the control of most any rotator by a standard rs232- usb- or lan-interface.

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