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24 Mhz 3 element Yagi Antenna, G0KSC

A 3 element LFA Yagi for 24MHz with a 3.9mtr boom

2 element yagi per 24 Mhz a carico lineare, IK4DCS

In sostanza, avremo un elemento radiatore di mt 5,78

28 and 24 MHz Limited Space 3/4 Wave Delta Loop

Here is a simple and easy to build antenna in a Delta Loop configeration that should make 10 and 12 meters

4 element yagi for 24MHz, G0KSC

high-gain, wideband LFA (Loop Fed Array) Yagi which covers 24.890 - 24.980MHz

6BTV Modification or 12 & 17 m. Hustler , N0RQ

Feed the 12 m wire through a hole in the lower PVC, feed the 17 m wire through the other hole in the lower PVC, connect egg insulators to the upper end of each wire

A warc tri band dipole

Many of us have a fairly functional antenna farm. In my case

A dual band wire beam for 17 and 12 meters, KG4JJH

This wire beam Moxon antenna offers double duty on 17 and 12 meters

Build a 12/17 Meter Trap Dipole, AD5X

An antenna for the 17 and 12meter band

Basic Beams for 12 and 17 Meters

easy-to-build radiators for the 12- and 17-meter bands

Dualband-Beam 12/17 m, DK7ZB

Element lengths for the two bands, keep the outer tubes 15 cm longer for the overlap

Dipole 15,12,10mtr, G1HZN

simple multi-band rotary dipole for 15,12,10mtr amateur bands

J Pole Antenna 17, 15, 12, - 10 m.

A J Pole antenna and the lengths, spacings, and other details to build one for the 17, 15, 12, or 10 meter bands

Moxon Rectangles for 17-20 Meter, N3OX

nice looking antenna, light, and works very well on 20m

Multiband Cubical Quads 10-12-15-17-20 meters, EI7BA

Trap Dipole for 17, 12 and 6 Metre Amateur Bands, G3NGD

The Trap for 6m is wound with 2·25 turns of 1·25mm dia wire

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