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9m6na profile
AG5W Greg Worthington Georgetown, Texas
CT3EE Photo Album
DL7CX Stationsausrüstung
DJ7IK A 5el fullsize quad for 40m
IV3YER Tower
I7PHH Yagi OB17-4 della optibeam
JA4MBM Antenna Farm
JA0PI 5 el for 40mt
JE1JKL profile
JA3FNO Portable
JH5LUZ 1296MHz Full Size
JA0CRG 4el for 40mt
K7UGA Phoenix, Arizona
K7EM 3/3 40 meter Yagi Array


antennas 80M- 4 array - 40M Array- 20Myagi
ANTENNAS HYGAIN TH11-DX 11 ELEMENT 5 Band Beam 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 Meters
40M 2 Element HyGain Beam Explorer 7-2
160, 75, 40, 30 Meter Inverted V's
TOWER #1 US TOWER Heavy Duty HDX-589-MDPL 89 ft Remote Control
TOWER #2 TRIAX W51 51FT Motorized Tower
N5CQ John Langdon Austin, Texas
N2LA Larry Alkoff Austin, Texas
N5CQ John Langdon Austin, Texas
Portable Vertical Antenna,WB9DLC
VK5ZAI'ssatellite tracking antenna
W2UP antennas
W2VJN George Cutsogeorge Umpqua, Oregon
W3GG Antenna Farm
W5IZ Allen Baker Weatherford, Texas
W5RP Phil Kothmann San Angelo, Texas
W7HUY Dick Pooley Washington
W6CPA AO-40 Satellite Station
Welcome to the JA2TKO
Welcome to the Homepage of DA2C (TCC)
WX0B Jay Terleski Sunnyvale Texas


2 Meter GaAs FET Preamp
2 meter loop 146 mhz
2 mt antenna 3 element yagi
2 x 5 Element Yagi array for 144MHz
2 meter halo antenna
4 elements Yagi 10 meter band, 9w2dal
40 Meter Parasitic Delta Loop Array
40m Band, portable dipole, DJ9RB
440 Mhz. J-Pole Antenna Plans
7 Mhz vertical antenna
144MHz 2m Yagi Beam
160 metre "L"Antenna
160 metre "L"Antenna
9 band vertical HF antenna, RW3XA
9 element yagi for 144Mhz
10 Antenna for 28MHz,G3XBM
Antenne loop magnétique, IN3ECI
A 5-element beam for Four, G4CJZ
A 146 Mhz. J-Pole Antenna
Doppia Bi-Quad per la banda dei 23 cm
A Magnetic Loop Antenna for Shortwave Listening (SWL)
Antenna 3 elementi per la banda dei 4m 70MH, IZ1NER
80/40 Meter Attic Antena
30m QRSS Junkbox Beacon
A simple antenna tuner for 4m, G4CJZ
A turnstile antenna for 2-meter ARDF
A wideband 80mt dipole N6LF
AH6MU eh antenna
AO-40 Satellite Station,W6CPA
An antenna system with four polarizations, linear and circular, I0JX
Antenna double-bazooka par F4FAA
An Attic Coaxial-Cable Trap Dipole for 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 80 Meters
Antennas raccourcies
Antenna HF multibanda DELTA-LOOP, 6-160 metri, I6IBE
Antenna selector with interlocking protection, DL7IO
Antennas for ham transmitters
Antenas de hilo, EA7AHG
Antenna Noise and Signal Cancelling at LF
Antenna doppia zeppelin modificata per i 11mt
Antenna 2.4Ghz Vertical Collinear
Antenna for 2m and 70cm - PA0FBK
Antenna portatile per HF canna da pesca, IK1QLD
Antenna perimentale per i 40 metri
Antenna Delta loop bidirettiva
Antenna verticale homemade per auto, IK6CGO
Antenne verticale multibande à trappes
Antenne HS
Active Receiving Antennas
Antenne halo 50 MHz
Antenna isotron 15-20-40, F1RFM
An Hexagonal Beam in 3 hours, VE3SQB
Antenneteknikk Prinsippet for en Dipolantenne
Aktiv Kortbølgeantenne
Broadbanding half square antenna for 80mt N6LF
Build a 2-Meter duplexer repeater
Circular 1,2ghz
Cubical quad 8 elements 144MHz
Commutatore remoto d'antenna
Delta Loop per i 20 metri, IZ1DNG
Band Splitter for Arrow Antenna 430-145 mhz,VU2TQC
DF3LP An 8x2 Element Array Antenna For 144 MHz
DX Engineering Reversible Beveraage Antenna at, W3YY
DF3LP Groundplane Antennas at Various Heights
DF3LP VLF/LF to 28.5 MHz Receiving Converter
Delta loop 5 éléments fréquence de 27.555 MHz
DF9CY 3 element yagi for 28Mhz
Dipolo a "V" invertita trappolato per 40 e 80 metri, IK7WPG
DJ9BV's 23cm Long Yagi
DK7ZB 5-Element-Yagi für das 2m-Band
DK8KW Longwave Information Details of my 136 kHz station
DL1GSJ Hentenna for the 6m band
Dual loop antenna system,PA0SIM
EWE Antenna
Easy Homemade 2.4 Ghz Omni Antenna
Emergency J-Pole Antenna
End Fed Wire Antenna
Endgespeiste multiband antenne nach, 5B4AG
G3PTO 50Mhz 6 Element Yagi
Gamma match omega hairpin
HF wire antenna
HB9MTN indoor multiband dipole for 20M - 10M
HB9MTN magnet loop for 80M - 40M
Hf mobile 27 - 28mhz
Indoor Antennas for 40mt
HF bands 20, 15 and 10 meters-Petlowany Three-Band Burner Antenna
I0SKK eh antenna
IWØBZD prototipo di antenna per i 7MHz in 22cm
Inverter VEE dipole
J-pole 144Mhz
Interfaccia audio per modi digitali,IW5EIJ
KA7OEI GPS Antenna
K9AY Loops Wish you had enough room for an effective low-band receiving
Log-periodic dipole array
La prima EH a toroidi su i 10 mt
Loop Fed Array Yagi for 6 m., KG4JJH
La prima EH a toroidi su i 10 mt
Laptop Mini Wireless Antenna
Microwave antenna
Miracle whip antenna
Modifying Conifer Antennas for Wireless Networking - part 2
Mini horizontal V 2 element 20MT
Multi-Band performer 20.30.40 mt
Moxen project, N2YET
NVIS Antenn FOR 40 meter, KI4VGA
N1LO'Antennas Page
Omni-directional antennas used by VHF -center frequency of 434.5 MHz
ON7YD Antennas for 136kHz
PREAMPLI 144 et 432 MHz
Portable shortwave rx loop antenna
Quadrifilar Antenna to receive 137 MGHz
Quadrifilar Helix Antenna 137 MHz
Short dipole
Super Loop Antenna,W4FTU
Systeme d'antennes verticales en phase
This article has a list of older articles from the German Dubus magazine
The Moxon rectangle, SM5JAB
T2FD antenna
The Optimum 6 Element Yagi-Antenna,SM5BSZ
The simplest FM antenna
The Gain of the Axial-Mode Helix Antenna
The Benchmark Beverage
The Vertical Bazooka Antenna
The double bazooka
The Bazooka Antenna
THE FAN-TENNA all band, mobile antenna, AL7KK
The Super J Pole - Quagi
Tuning an LF antenna can be tricky - 250 - 400 µH Variometer-G0MRF
Utilisation d'un pylône autoportant en antenne verticale
VE3RGW Corner Reflector Antennas
V Antenne 2m
Verticale con riflettore
VHF Collinear-Dipole, SV1BSX
Yagi Uda 10 elementi 144mhz, I5EAH
Yagi 9 elements 144mhz


Alpha RF Systems
Custom Metalworks - Tower and Antenna Installation
Dave's Homemade Crystal and Tube Radio Main Page
Emtech - ZM-2 ATU Antenna Tuning Unit
Array Solutions
Private Webpage of Herbert, DL5NEG
RCA FM Coverage Calculator

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