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130 ft. Tower KE5RS
2400 MHz Helix Antenna
Bear Electronics
Bigg antena World bigest 144MHZ Moon Bounce trafikk LA8YB

It is 4SQR of JA1HQT hill entrance.

It pulls slantedly from the tower of 54m and lowers.
Also one for 80m is installed in the same way. .
It becomes caught in the 160m/80m 2 band

JA6YBR/b operating on 50.017MHz
JH1HHC Tower
JH1HHC Foundations for a tower
JA7IC antennas e sattion
JH4UYB award and station
JN1GKZ S-band Homemade Antennas
N4AF Pictures Tower + antennas
N4BP Welcome to the Home Page of Bob Patten
OH8X Finishing the 160m 3el YAGI Monster
PA0EHG Antenna 2.5 Mtr Dish at 10 Mtr ASL
Quad Pictures
Takeshi Yoshida JA3AAW
VE7CA - Antennas -> LPDA
VK5ZAI satellite tracking antenna


1 A small TV aerial UDA YAGI
2m and 70cm Colinear Flowerpot antenna/A>
2m-70cm antennas super jpole,VE3ELB
4 Element ZX Yagi for 21 MHz extended to 28 MHz DF9CY
144MHz 2m Yagi Beam
5-Band-Quad, DK7ZB
6m-10m Duo band mobile whip
160m/80m Broadband Antenna, K5GP
10 GHz Dish Antenna Feed from StarChoice LNB, VE2JWH
13 cm - le récepteur devra être précédé d'un convertisseur bande C
2 Eement. FOR 10-12-15MT,IZ7ATH
23cm GaAs-FET preamplifier
2400 MHz Helix Antenna
40/80mt coil loaded dipole 23,3MT length IK1ZOY
45-70 MHz aerials for TV DX.
70 cm vertical antenna
144MHz XPOL Array Notes,GM4JJJ
136 kHz - Antenna at DJ1YFK
136 kHz - Antenna at DJ1YFK
137 Experimental Radio Transmitting Station North Carolina
A 13cm down converter
A "J-pole" half-wave vertical for Four
A Homebrew antenna impedance bridge,PE2ER
A centre-fed "co-axial" dipole for 4m - G4CJZ
A compact 2 element beam for 10M
A home-built low-pass filter for 4m - G4CJZ
Construction de Baluns, F1FRV
An EH Antenna for 27 MHz
A double dipole for 14 and 21 MHz
AM NRSC testing with the Loop Antenna
Antena Jpole-antenna for 446MHz
Antena vertical by EA7LY
Antenna cornet 20db
Antenna Morgain 40-80 metri 80-160,IM0JZJ
Antenas fijas para satélites
Antennas for 136kHz
Antenas móviles para h.f., sí se pueden calcular y construir
Antenna basics
Antenna Loop per VLF
Antenna 3 elemt.costo zero
Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) using the T-Network approch
Antenna half sloper per i 160 metri
Antennae for the Low Bands80 and 160m
Antenne direttive per V/U/SHF 
Antenne big-whell
Build A 9 dB, 70cm, Collinear Antenna From Coax
Base Loaded 160M Half-Sloper Antenna
Big vertical antenna project, K8JHR
Build a sturba curtain antenna for all hf bands
Balcony antenna extension, SM0VPO
Conifer Antenna Testing
Combi-dipole for 30 and 40m, PF5X
Dipolo HF 3 bande 14-21-28 Mhz V Invertita, I6IBE
Coaxial Colinear For 432 MHz
Costruzione del Dipolo radiante Short Back Fire
Como disenar un sistema de antenas
Dave's Loop Antenna Page
David Taylor Satellite tools
David Reid PA3HBB G0BZF Practical Experiments
Dipolos y calculos en tiempo real
Dipole and inverted V design and calculator
Dipolo a "V" invertita trappolato per 40 e 80 metri IK7WPG
Dipolo rotativo para H.F.
Double-L Antenna For 80/160
Double Biquad Antenna
Dual band Antenna Commutabile 80/160, IK0ZOY
Dual-Z0 Shortened Stubs, W5DXP
Easy Homemade 2.4Ghz Omni Antenna
EI7BA An Hexagonal Beam in 3 hours
For 802.11(b or g) Wireless Networks or other 2.4GHz Applications
Field Day Vertical Antenna, KN5L
G3YCC A Magnetic Loop Antenna
G3YCC A Practical Antenna for 160 Metres
Dipoles, G3PTO
G4FON A Portable Multi Band Magnetic Loop Antenna
G5RV antennas multibands
Groundplane antenna for 2 meters, ON6MU
GW4ALG Loop Antenna
Hairpin e relativo balun 4:1 for 6mt, IK5MEN
Halo antenna for 70Mhz, IZ5HQB
HF 80M/40M antenne voor kleine tuinen
Hula Hoop Loop
Homebrew ladder line, WZ2P
Homebrew Light-weight Open-wire Feedline
How to build a HDTV Antenna....CHEAP!
High Power RF "PIN switch" for VHF, DJ9KW
Antenne EH corte per i 20 E 40 m, I2VIU
END FED 6 – 40 Meter Multiband HF Antenna
Ja1hwo 6m Mobile
J-pole 144Mhz, I5BHN
J-Pole Antenna PlansA>
K0EMT - EMT VHF/UHF/HF X-Beam Antenna
K0EMT Flex Antenna
A 3 Element 160 meter vertical array
KA6WKE Homebrew Antenna Mounts
Kapazitive Antennen
KB0YKI A Simple 7 element Yagi
KB9CRY Rotatable Low Band Receiving Delta Loop
KØEMT's 80M Field Expedient Dipole Antenna
Keyer Microchip PIC 16F84, IK8RJS
Las antenas Moxon
Loaded Vertical Antenna For The 40 Metre Band
L'antenna Windom
Loop antennas
Loop for the AM broadcast band
Magnetische Antennen
Magnetic Loop Antenna, 7N3WVM
Multiband vertical HF antenna
Morgain per i 40 e gli 80 metri, IZ1NER
Magnetic Loop for the 2m band,DL1GSJ
Multibandantennes en tuners Hans Remeeus PA1HR Ham Radio
N4YWK Sensitivity of Multi Turn Receiving Loops 
N5UP Morris DF Loop Antenna
N6RK A 60 foot Irrigation Tubing Mast/Vertical
N6RK Open wire line
One element multi band vee beam 20 thru 6 meters
Ottimo rimedio contro TVI, IK1VQW
Preamplifier for a beverage antenna
Pylone et Antenne, F5GVA
PA0SE's field strength meter
Practical Dipole Antenna
Super Cheap Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna for Jupiter
Progetto antenna delta loop 6 metri 50 Mhz
Receiving Loop Theory, N4YWK
small indoor antenna, SP2WDW
Simple Antennas for 10 Meters by WB3HUZ
Small HF Antennas for 30m / 10.1 MHz and 20m / 14 MHz
Sophisticated Helix Antenna Design
Single SLOT antenna for 70cm and 23cm
Spinnenweb antenne
Slim Jim Antenna, N9TAX
Super facil antena VHF 1/4 ONDA
The Broadband Double-Bazooka
The pennant antenna fol low bands, VE1ZA
The Windom Antenna
The delta loop
The W1GHZ Online Microwave Antenna Book
T-match for VHF - UHF Antennas
Using half square antenna for low band, N6LF
Utilisation d'un pylône haubané en antenne verticale
Variometer S match ohne Balun,DL4XAV
Vertical antenna homemade per auto, IK6CGO
VE3CVG's 222 MHz 6 Element Plumber’s Delight Yagi Antenna
VE3CVG's 900 MHz 7 Element Plumber’s Delight Yagi Antenna
Vertical half-wave aerials for 4m
VHF 5/8wave vertical antennas, ON6MU
VHF/UHF dualband vertical, ON6MU
Wonder-Whip radio antenna for PG & PPG
W4SAT Welcome to the Folded Dipole
Work 80 meters antennas and Feedlines, K5LAD
W8JI Traps
2 meter ssb yagi plans for sidebands fun, WA7RAI
WH2T Loop Antenna Info
Stacking phasing and matching yagis
Yagi for 144, BV7BN


Magnetic loop double loop, PA0FRI Antenna design, antennas & Radio Products

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