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1.2 GHz FM Wireless SpyCam
10 GHz waveguide slot antenna, OZ2OE
10 Elements Yagi Directional Antenna for 23cm, IW1DGG
20-turn helix antenna for 23 cm, OZ1BXM
23 cm Hybrid-Quad von, OE3AJC
23cm patch antenna, G6GVI
23 cm yagi 13 element, VE3SQB
23/13cm feed for parabolic dish ant, S51KQ
23cm Antennen, DK9AQ
23cm Double Quad
23cm L-Band Helix Antenna Array, KB9UPS
23cm LDMOS Power Amplifier,G4BAO
23CM Quad Antenna, PA3GUO
23cm interdigital filters, PE1RKI
23cm Signal Generator,W6PQL
23cm-1296MHz Field Day Yagi, VK4ADC
23cms Quadrature hybrids, DJ9BV
3 bands Antenne voor 3,13,23 cm banden, ON6DV
70 cm 3cm Beacon Antennas ,S53WW
A 23 elements 23cm yagi antenna
A Homebrew Yagi for 1296 MHz DX
An interdigital filter for the 23cm band, PA4DAN
Analysis of the G3LTF Dual Band Feed for 23cm and 13cm, G3LTF
Antenna a pannello per i 24cm - 1240 ,I2SDD
Antenna SBFA Short Back Fire Antenna
Antenna Drawing 23 cm ,IK1HGI
Antenne rideau 23cm ,F1RFM
ATV 23cm low cost, DL9AQ
- 23cm Band Repeater Coaxial Collinear
Building an omnidirectionnal antenna for the 23 cm band
Building UHF Yagis A Practical, PE1RQM
Construction of a 23cm double bi-quad antenna, G6GVI
Direttiva Yagi 10 elementi 23cm
Double Quad
Doppelquad antenna for 23CM
Easy 23cm Antennenvorverstärke von, DL9AQ
Homebrew yagis, G4CQM
Home-brew 23cm Antennas, G4CYA
Homebrew 23cm 12 element Yagi Antenna, VK1NAM
Hybrid-Double-Quad-Array Antenna for 2.4 GHz
Jednoduchá anténa pro pásmo 1296 MHz, OK2KKW
Low noise amplifier for the 23cm band, PA4DAN
Low-Cost Horn Antennas for 23-cm EME
Long slot antenna
Make yourself a Diplexer
Portable dish 23 cm band
Project Building a SWR for measuring 23 cm
Ricetrasmettitore 1 . 3 GHz, IW5BLT
Simple 13cm antenna, M0DTS
Simple band-pass filter for 23cm
Short agi for 23cm, DL6WU
The yagi for 23cm, DL6WU
Transverter lineare no tune 23/70cm, i2SG
Yagi 1296-MHz-Band, DJ9YW
Yagis for 23cm, DL6WU

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