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DeltaLoop antenna


DeltaLoop antenna

This DeltaLoop antenna has a length of 125 meters, divided into three sides of 40, 42 and 43 meters. The antenna hangs at a height of 10 meters
post 16 Nov 2019

DeltaLoop antenna

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Antenna delta loop 6 metri 50 MHz, IZ7CFF
Delta Loop, has a value of about 125 ohms, while its gain is about 1.4 dBd

6m Deltaloop, PE1MWB
This delta loop for the 50 MHz amateur band is easy to carry out

Delta Loop UN7CI for 7, 10, 14 and 21- MHz
The antenna has SWR less the 2.0:1.0 at height of the lower side 1.2 meters above the ground

Delta Loop per 50 Mhz, IW3HZX
we will use the formula: L = 306.6 / F Mhz = 306.6 / 50.150 = 6.11 m. in practice we will have that each of the three sides will measure 2.04 m

Delta loop 5 elements frequence de 27.555 MHz
The corresponding lambda wavelength is: 10.879784358556 meters.that is approximately L = 10.88 m

Delta Loop for 144mhz
Delta Loop 5 element for 144 mhz

28 and 24 MHz Limited Space 3/4 Wave Delta Loop
Using the standard formula for loops, 1005 divided by frequency in MHz gives us the one-wavelength design length for a particular band