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Random length multiband delta loop


Random length multiband delta loop

This antenna must be used with a tuner if you have a true balanced tuner,you can eliminate the 4:1 balun
post 16 Nov 2019

Random length multiband delta loop

Antenna Delta Loop Links

The antenna has a triangular, RV3DA
The antenna has a triangular shape, one of the ends of the triangular is grounded. Figure 1 shows the circuit of the antenna. A good grounding is necessary for successful work of the antenna

The Delta Loop Skywire Antenna, DK5EC
The construction of a simple multiband delta loop antenna skywire for the 80m 10 m bands. The construction will be theoretically initialized with the help of the antenna calculation program EZNEC

The delta-loop antenna, SM2YER
Recalculated and adjusted each side to 13,59 meter. Made a new run with the miniVNA. The Loop works fine on 40/20 Meter band, and is usable but not optimal on 15Meter

The Full Wave horizontal Loop antenna, VK2JI
My first tests on the antenna showed it was at resonance atabout 6.6MHz no worries drop the one pole down, shortenthe wire and test again. This time it was 6.8MHz, OK I cantake a lot more off