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Isotron antenne Voor de 80m band

Nico has experienced that this antenna system works better indoors than a magnetic loop antenna
post 30 Sep 2020

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Antenna isotron 15-20-40, F1RFM
In reception, I only lost one point on average compared to dipole despite the poor release of the isotron

Antenna ISOTRON per i 40mt, IZ1NER
Si tratta di due dischi di alluminio, ma possono essere anche di altro materiale

Antenne Isotron pour espaces restreints, F6BQU
Realization of the antenna. A gray PVC tube 32 mm in diameter and 1 meter long is required. The inductor will be made with sheathed electric wire of 2.5 mm square

Baubeschreibung einer Isotron-Antenne fur CB
Wisotronker believed that the magnetic antenna had already been greatly miniaturized, and that the isotron found a further increase