A Modified Petlowany Antenna

It is essentially a very short dipole with spiral-wound coils at each end. Each coil contains a quarter wavelength of wire at the desired antenna frequency
post 28 Jan 2024
A Modified Petlowany Antenna

Antenna Vertical Links


My big vertical antenna project
The antenna project, specifically a DX-Engineering, Model DXE-MBVE-1, 43 foot mono pole vertical antenna

Progetto antenna verticale 10-20-40
Nel nostro caso uno stilo di poco piu' di 9,5 metri con un adattatore di impedenza alla base,puo' funzionare su tutte le bande HF dai 10 agli 80mt

Phasing short hf vertical antennas
The initial 40 meter phased array consists of two 10 foot high elements spaced one-half wave length apart

Noise suppression with X-phase II

Noise suppression with X-phase II This device similar devices are known as QRM eliminators or noise killers, makes it possible

The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80m bands

The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80m bands You don't have the space to put up a 4 beverage antenna's, an ewe or a 4-square and want 'good ears' on 160 and 80m? no problems try a k9ay loop antenna

Spiderbeam 10-15-20m

Spiderbeam 10-15-20m E' una Yagi tribanda full-size leggera, fatta di tubi in vetroresina e filo