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144 & 432 MHz High IIP3 LNAs

http://www.frenning.dk/OZ1PIF_HOMEPAGE/144_and_432MHz-LNA.htm -(OZ1PIF)

Hits 144 & 432 MHz High IIP3 LNAs

When I first saw the article in Dubus 1/2002, I was very impressed with the data and quality of the construction. I managed to get hold of one of PA3BIY, Peter's PCBs, and built an LNA more or less from his description

144 & 432 MHz High IIP3 LNAs

Preamplifiers Links

2 Meter GaAs FET Preamp
This circuit will work on 2 meters, 220 or 440 MHz. Some part values are different for the 3 bands, however general layout and construction are similar

2 meter antenna preamp, DL5DBM
With a dualgate galiumarsenid fet CF300 with switchable amplifikation 14 and 24 dBD.Noisfaktor better then 0,9dB feedtrough attenuation better than 0,2 dB Maximum powerrating 750 W PEP on 2 meters with these relais

50 MHz preamp Gain 26dB with the BFG135
As I had good experience with building preamps for 144 and 430 MHz, I wanted to try a simple design for 50 MHz. The BFG135a is a cheap transistor and in my view rather strong

23 cm GaAs FET preamplifier
On 23cm the best way to obtain a good RX-sensitivity is to use a GaAs-FET in the front-end, since these devices show very low noise figures

28-30 MHz Homebrew Antenna pre-amplifier, SV1BSX
I designed a simple circuit having in mind my junkbox! So there is nothing unusual on this pre amp, all components are possibly available into Homenrewer's Shack