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Accordatore per RTX QRP

Accordatore concepito per uso portatile a bassa potenza
post 22 Sep 2020
Accordatore per RTX QRP

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


Z-match tuner for ft817, N9QIV
I chose to use the dual balanced output link configuration suggested by Mr. Lofgren. One link is a low impedance, the other a high impedance

Z-Match Antenna Tuner 100 watt, AD5X
The variable capacitors mustbe insulated fromground, thereforemount both capacitorson a piece ofsingle-sided circuit-or perf-board that is cutjust wide enough to fit into thealuminum case

Z-match ATU covering 160m - 10m, M0EZP
I put up a homebrew 40m coaxial dipole which wouldn’t even give me a good SWR on 40m! I looked around for an appropriate ATU circuit to build

End Fed Half Wave Tuner Kit, W6DPS
The two transformers that need to be wound, one on toroid and the other on a binocular core, were pretty easy, and anyone who has wound inductors before will have no problem

Z-Match, un circuito da riscoprire
L'originalita' dell'idea consiste nell'usare due circuiti accordati, in parallelo, che lavorano su frequenze diverse, eliminando la necessita' di induttanze tipo roller o con prese commutabili