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Half wave wire lengths 12 thru 40 meters

This is a very compact halfwave endfed wire antenna tuner that works 12 thru 40 meters with a halfwave wire for the band of interest attached
post 22 Sep 2020
Half wave wire lengths 12 thru 40 meters

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


The simple Z mactch tunner simplified, VK5BR
Simple design which has been fine tuned to match a wide range of antenna impedance conditions

The super tee qrp Antenna Tuner, WB9LPU
The SWR bridge reads the reflected voltage, and thus it must be tuned for a minimum light output from the LED

The MFJ tuner with the motor drive attached, N3OX
This project uses some small gearmotors purchased from Hobby Engineering to drive the inductor switch and the two air variable capacitors on an MFJ 1500W antenna tuner

The Z-Match Antenna Tuner, K0JD
Charlie's Z-match ideas below have been implemented in my station as my compact portable antenna tuner

The Dentron AT-3K Antenna Tuner
AT-3K only has a switch position for balance line BAL to feed to an external balun