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Antenna tuner T 3,5 a 30 MHz

T-shaped and uses a mid-range choke which allows tuning on all HF bands from 80m to 10m
post 22 Sep 2020

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


A simple 10W QRP Z-match antenna tuner 80 - 6 meters
I have been trying to locate an Amidon T-130-2 toroid to build this circuit. The toroid I was looking for is red coloured, but unable to find one; I found a smaller red toroid that works perfectly

A single-coil Z-Match type, PA0FRI
One of my first structures was with two plastic varicaps. Types that were in portable AM radios. Although intended for QRP, they often proved suitable for even 100 W if the impedance to be adjusted was not too high

A Tiny Z-match Tuner portable, JH5ESM
A compact Z-match tuner for usage for in operation portable

A Homebrew Antenna Tuner
I decided to build a homebrew antenna tuner because I needed a passive pre-selector network to match an experimental end-fed wire antenna to my QS1R SDR receiver

Accordatore d' antenna a copertura continua, I4EWH
Un accordatore a copertura continua. Rispetto alla bobina classica con le prese commutabili il vantaggio di una induttanza variabile roller consiste nel fatto che l' accordo e' piu' preciso