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Transmitting Loop Antenna for 14MHz and 21MHz

By definition, the small transmitting loop is one which has a circumference less than one quarter of a wavelength. Because of its small size, it is possibly an attractive proposition for someone with inadequate space
post 24 Sep 2020
Transmitting Loop Antenna for 14MHz and 21MHz

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Limited Space Antennas The Small Transmitting Loop Antenna
The AEA IsoLoop HF Antenna was an antenna I used off the balcony in a Chicago high-rise

Magnet -loop for 80M - 40M, HB9MTN
Detail of coupling loop and experimental capacitor theoretically 128 pF/3.2 kV for 80m, 14 pF/5.6 kV for 40m at 50 W

Magnetic antenna for ULF
All the cores are connected in series with a centre connection after 20 turns, resulting in a rectangular coil of 20 + 20 turns

Magnetic Loop Aerial for 20m
The construction of magnetic loop antennas. HF bands we needed an antenna design that was suitable for use indoors or on a balcony

Magnetic Loop 12 - 40mt, IU3BRK
Come materiale per il loop principale e' stato scelto dell’alluminio da 50mm di diametro, spessore 2mm, che mediante opportuna calandratura e' stato sagomato ad anello