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Magnet Loop Antenna Calculator

The Magnet Loop Antenna Calculator Program is used to calculate Magnet Loop Antennas and the HF Loop Antenna
post 13 Nov 2020

Antenna Loop Links


Antennas for the New Beacon Design
The new 3496 class-E high efficiency Beacon design

Bandpass receiving loops for 136kHz and 500kHz, M0BMU
I designed receiving loop antennas with a bandpass characteristic to cover the whole 136kHz band without the need for remote tuning

Broadband magnetic active antenna, DK4SX
I have built a broadband magnetic receiving antenna. The hardware is ready in a first expansion state

Build a simple magnetic loop antenna, ON3JT
For the main loop I used a soft copper tube, diameter is 10 mm, length about 3 meter. The smaller loop is about 60 cm in length diameter 1/5 of the main loop, material is 1,5 square mm copperwire

Build magnetic loop antenna 1.5 mtrs square for 3.5/7/10 MHZ
An Easy Guide to How to Build Your Own Magnetic LoopFor many people without building experience following instructions on how to make something is notalways that easy