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Loop Antenna

Loop Antenna Calculator

Loop Antenna Calculator

Although this online calculator is intended to assist with designing and building homemade, ham radio loop antennas for use in the HF bands, magnetic antennas have been constructed that function in the VHF or even the UHF frequencies
post 21 Jun 2020
Loop Antenna Calculator

Antenna Loop Links

Magnetic Loop Antenna, KR1ST
A receive only magnetic loop, just for shortwave listening. This loop covers a frequency range of about 5 MHz to 22 MHz

Magnetic Loop Antennas Receiving, W8JI
The new loop is not really loop-shaped but is rectangular 10' x 20' and more like a Flag antenna shape

Magnetic loop for 160 - 15 metres
The feedline is connected to the bottom of the loop, dimensions are not particularly critical

Magnetic loop, DL7JV
Since the antenna must always again be co-ordinated with frequency change, most remarks are provided with a remote control for the condenser

Magnetic-Loop Antenna, G4TPH
A major feature of my Magloop antennas is the ability to work the whole band without retuning. Just tune for maximum noise in the middle of the band, tweak for best SWR.You can work the whole band with a 1.5:1 SWR or better without retuning