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4 square 40 meter, K7NV
3_elementi_array, M0MCX
7 band semi vertical trap antenna, VE3HKY
1/4 Wave HF Multiband Vertical for 40 - 10 Meters
80/40m Vertical, EI7BA
80m full size 1/4 wave GPA, ON7EQ
A Home Brew HF Vertical From Copper Pipe
A Practical 5-Band Homebrew Wire Beam, N4KC
A quarter wavelength for 40 meters, W7KF
Antena vertical con plano de tierra, EA7LY
Antena Vertical de HF 1/4 lambda 20m, EB5EKT
Antena vertical para 3,6 y 7 Mhz, LU9DPD
Antenna for DX Low Bands
Antenna da 1.8 a 28 mhZ, IU4ATH
Antenna multibanda portatile, IZ2FNI
Antenna multibanda verticale Portatile, IQ5DY
Antenna verticale aperiodica per HF, IZ1CYN
Antenna verticale multibanda a presa calcolata
Antenna verticale multibanda HF
Antennas for 136kHz, ON7YD
Antennas for the march work
Antennas sloper
Antenne Verticali, I6NOA
Antenne vertical 7 mhz, KD8JHJ
Antenne Verticale raccourcie 40/80m
BigIR MK III Vertical with 80 meter coil, WA0SXV
Butternut HF2V 40/80 Meter Vertical
Butternut HF2V Ground Plane antenna Hints + 160mt kit, IC8POF
Butternut HF2V 80 and 40 meter modifying, KI8R
Butternut HF9V, IK5XCT
Compact 4-SQUARE 40m Antenna, EA5AVL
DF Antenna Arrays, KA7OEI
End Feed Half Wave verticale, IZ0HCC
Fisher’s Whip, IK0RKS
Four square phased verticals
GP for 40, 80 and 160 meters, DL2BWH
Home Brew 80/40 Meter Vertical Antenna, N2RIT
Installation 5BTV ground mounted with radials
Mono band antenna on 40 meters, W4SUL
Multi Band Vertical 10-80 metres, VK5ZVS
MicroVert Antennas, DK5AI
Multiband Semi-Helical Inverted L Vertical
Opposite Voltages Fed Two Element Array OH1TV
Stealth Multiband Vertical 40-80mt, N3OX
Screwdriver antenna basic, KJ4SLY
Single 5/8 Flower Pot Antenna, VK2ZOI
Self's building of a HF2V, vertical antenna for 40 and 80m
Semi-vertical Trap Antenna for 1·8 MHz, 3·5MHz and 7·0MHz
Short Vertical Antennas for 3 bands
SteppIR BigIR 6 – 40 meter vertical, KD0ZVs
SteppIR BigIR Vertical Antenna Assembly & Installation
T2LT for the 10m Band
The 10/15/20 Meter Trap Vertical Antenna
Three Meter Flex Vertical for 40 meter, N3OX
Un'antenna verticale per i 40 metri con carico lineare, IZCYN
Vertical HF2V, OZ9AEC
Vertical Shakespeare Marine, IW0HK
Vertical sloping dipole, DK7ZB
Vertical fishingrod antenna
Verticale in fibra per gli 80mt
verticale bande alte, IK4PKK
Verticale pour les bandes 80, 40 et 30m et 160m, F6IRF
Verticale senza trappole 14_21_28 without traps
Verticale_40-20-15-10 only 3mt, DL3HCV
Vertikál Delta 6B GP
Why Are Vertical Antennas Noisy?, VK2ZRM

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