This vertical is a good compromise when you want good performance on these two low ham bands
post 25 Dec 2023

Antenna 80 meter Links


80 Meter 3-element Vertical Yagi
As a guide I used the K3LR dimensions for a 160 meter

The 80M elevated wire vertical array
The new keeper 80M antenna is a pair of raised 1/4-wave 68' verticals

L'antenne Half square
The installation of a half-square antenna requires two attachment points located as high as possible (a dozen meters high for a 7 MHz antenna, 22 to 25 m for an antenna for the 80 m band

80 meter 4 square antenna at
The verticals are made in two parts. The lower 10 meter is made from aluminium and the upper 9 meter is a telescoping

Spitfire for 80 meters
The Spitfire project for 80 meters spitfire antenna