Antennas a fentes

Slot antenna and complementary dipole, it is shown that on condition of inverting the E and H fields
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Antennas a fentes

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6cm slot antenna 20 slots 14.7 dbi
I make slot antennas for all frequencies from 23cm to 24ghz and all frequencies in between hams bands

24 GHz Omni antenna designed
Some points about 2.4Ghz coaxial cable antenna for routers and Robotics Vehicles: Radio equipment using the license-free 2.4-GHz ISM

Alford-Slot Antenna
5.6dBd gain flat VSWR and good gain bandwidth performance over the entire 420-440 MHz band

Antenna a barattolo
E' possibile utilizzare barattoli di provenienza alimentare con diametri compresi fra 75 mm e 85 mm, misure che garantiscono il massimo rendimento nella zona dei 2.4 GHz

Antenna slot aflford 433 mhz
Antenna slot usata per i ripetitori in FM, polarizzata in orizzontal

Antenna switch arduino for icom IC-7300

Antenna switch arduino for icom IC-7300 A solution built around an arduino nano and one of the readily available four relay switching boards

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker ARCTRAC is a portable integrated satellite tracking system

Duplexer 2m-70cm

Duplexer 2m-70cm- Usare un'antenna bibanda 2/70 con due radio separate V/UHF, usare due antenne separate V/UHF con una singola radio bibanda