Levy high vertical strips

On bad ground, the vertical polarization is not up to its reputation for the angle of departure and performance in DX
post 18 Feb 2024
Levy high vertical strips

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Mon antenne long fil
Happy conclusion, the comparison of the two antennas is absolutely identical on all bands

Portable Antenna
I've used this antenna for Field Day and other portable applications. I've built them for all bands between 160 meters and 6 meters

Rhombic antenna
It consists of four conductors joined to form a rhombus, or diamond shape. The antenna is placed end to end and terminated by a noninductive resistor to produce a uni-directional pattern

Resonant Feed Line Antenna for 40m
When looking around for a 40m diople, found this and built it I can say it works even if short

Short 40m dipole antenna, part 1
Build an antenna for 40 and 80. The roof on the building is not that big that I could install a full size dipole or inverted V

The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80m bands

The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80m bands You don't have the space to put up a 4 beverage antenna's, an ewe or a 4-square and want 'good ears' on 160 and 80m? no problems try a k9ay loop antenna

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker ARCTRAC is a portable integrated satellite tracking system

40m Compact 4-Square Antenna

40m Compact 4-Square Antenna Compact 4-Square Antenna – EA5AVL The EA5AVL 40M Compact 4-Square Antenna was designed to provide excellent DX communications on the 40m band