J-Pole for 144-146 MHz

Sia in VHF che in UHF l' SWR e' circa 1:1 sulla porzione di banda che mi interessa

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J-Pole for 144-146 MH

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Antena OSJ dual band VHF / UHF com um cabo
It consists of a half-wave dipole element, which instead of being fed from the center as is more common is fed from one end in this case, the bottom

Antena J-Pole para 146 MHz, 220 MHz, 440 MHz
The antenna, is designed entirely in bronze pipes and the longest rod point A + C, has a total length of 2 Mts 44 cms

Antenne en J alimentee par un cable coaxial
Like the model supplied by a two-wire line, it consists of a radiating element of half-wave length attacked at its lower end by a quarter-wave line

J-antenna supplied by a two-wire line
The J antenna, so called because of its shape, is generally used on 2m and 70cm, even 23 cm and 6m

Antenne verticale VHF Slim-Jim
The Slim-Jim vertical antenna is of the 1/2 wave type supplied at the end end fed and therefore does not require a ground plane unlike a 1/4 wave type antenna

Dipole 80/40 and 20/10 meters with tuner

Dipole 80/40 and 20/10 meters with tuner The wire used is an enamelled copper wire with a diameter of 1.9 mm and a length of 3 meters, often used in transformers

A remote antenna switch

A remote antenna switch An abiding dislike for bundles of cables running on the exterior of my house, so a remote antenna switch seemed like a good idea

Quad Stacked Omni 2.4/5 GHz Antenna

Quad Stacked Omni 2.4/5 GHz Antenna Compact Omni head design dual Band Frequency beamwidth: 360° Horizontal, 15° Vertical quad Stack improves gain to 12dBi