Attenuatore ad impedenza costante

L'attenuatore ad impedenza costante e' un accessorio che risulta particolarmente utile ogni volta che si abbia la necessita' di interporre in una linea di trasmissione una attenuazione nota e regolabile del segnale
post 13 Apr 2024
Attenuatore ad impedenza costante

Antennas Receiving Links


Rx antennas building and testing the Waller Flag
DHDL transformer feed matching from 7:2 turns for 900/75 ohms ratio to 6:2 turns for 900/100 ohms ratio on the binocular BN73-202

Rx antennas the TX3A DHDL
Boom length m. 5.24-fiberglass spreaders m. 2.95-loops dimensions m. 2.00 x 4.27 with 5.00 m. separation-load resistors with1 watt OY series-parallel: 590 ohm on the front loop and 607 ohm on the back loop-transformers impedance ratio 600/100 ohm 5 by 2 turns on binocular BN73-202

SRC Front-end HF Filter
Il presente circuito permette di commutare automaticamente, ad ogni cambio banda del transceiver, l'opportuna antenna

SWL Receiving Antenna Experiments
I have been experimenting with a half wavelength end-fed wire for use as a portable 40M band

The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80m bands

The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80m bands You don't have the space to put up a 4 beverage antenna's, an ewe or a 4-square and want 'good ears' on 160 and 80m? no problems try a k9ay loop antenna

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker ARCTRAC is a portable integrated satellite tracking system

Duplexer 2m-70cm

Duplexer 2m-70cm- Usare un'antenna bibanda 2/70 con due radio separate V/UHF, usare due antenne separate V/UHF con una singola radio bibanda