PCB Vswr bridge

When building HF/VHF equipment it is often required to add a VSWR sensing circuit into the rig
post 24 Jan 2024
PCB Vswr bridge

Swr Meter Links


Build your srtip line SWR METER
To be making a SWR meter, I needed something to test it as I went

Directional Couplers SWR detectors for 145MHz - 435MHz
Several years ago, i needed an SWR-meter/power-meter for use on 145MHz

How's Your SWR?
As everyone knows, the higher your SWR

Automatic SWR meter and semi-automatic tuning unit, F1FRV
With supply 13.8 V, if your SWR bridge detectors output exceeds 11 volts


Linear loaded short dipole 21Mhz For my amateur radio activities on the HF bands I only have a 3.6 m wide balcony available for antennas. After some study I decided to experiment with a shortened dipole for the 15 m band

Rx antennas 4Square Rx Vertical Array

Rx antennas 4Square Rx Vertical Array My frequency design of 1.825 MHz a 90 degrees line would be 33,70 metersinstead of the previously calculated 33,27 m

A simple SWR Meter is to be used at HF

A simple SWR Meter is to be used at HF An SWR meter provides information about how well matched is your antenna with the transmitter and how well power is being radiated