RF Power Watt Meter

This video will describe how to use a simple RF power watt meter to measure output power of any radio transmitter from 1 MHz to 8000 MHz
post 24 Dec 2021

Swr Meter Links


VSWR Conversion Table
The signal reflected back in a transmission line. vswr is defined as the ratio of the maximum to minimum voltage on a loss-less transmission line

SWR Meter for 140 - 440 mhzF
Recently, someone asked me about a VHF SWR meter, which I built over a decade ago from widely available parts

SWR Power meter with protection for Solid State PA
Some people who built the power meter came with some good ideas and these were used for the Version II of the SWR Power meter

Wideband SWR meter
Among these instruments, the best-known and most-used one is the Standing Wave Ratio meter

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