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160 Meter Antenna for limited space, N2ZVT
160 and 80-Meter 40-foot Vertical
80-160 antenna for the small garden, PA1M
160 Meter Dipole Antenna at, W5JGV
160-80 and 40-10 1/4 Wave Vertical, VK4SN
160m inverted-L - 18m Spiderpole
160 Meter Tunable Counterpoise, N0KHQ
160 Meter Vertical, K6MM
160 metri verticale per la Top Band, IK2ZMZ
160m vertical ready for the snow, SJ2W
160m antenna, VK5ZVS
160m inverted-L 12m long SpiderPole, DJ0IP
160m Is it a sloper? or tower drive, JR7MAZ
160m and 60m Inverted L project, W0JD
160m vertical antenna system, DK1NO
160 Meter Inverted U Antenna, K7PDW
160m/80m Broadband Antenna, K5GP
160 m Top Band Inverted L Antenna, G8ODE
160m End Fed Antenna
A 160 Wire Magnetic Loop Capable of DX, G0CWT
Antenna END FED HERTZ per i 160 mt, IZ1NER
Antenna verticale per i 160 metri, IZ1NER
Antenna verticale per i 160 metri, IU5HIV
Antenna multibanda HF 160-6 metri, IK0VV
Antenna inverted zig za 160 metg per i 160 metri
Antenna per la top-band
Antenne per la ricezione in 160 metri, IV3PRK
Antenne Verticale 18m pourle 30/80/160m, F6GCP
Dipolo filare per i 160 metri, I5-4666FI
Dipolo per i 160 metri di soli 40 mt caricato al centro, IZ1NER
Double-L Antenna For 80/160
Getting on 160 Meters Without a full sized Antenna, WB3HUZ
Inverted Ls and Vs Slopers Linear Loaded
Invisible DX Antenna for the Low Bands, DK5WL
Loaded Dipole for 160 Meter, DJ9RB
Morgain 160mt, ES4BD
Reduced-Size Half Sloper For 160 Meters, W5GZT
Rugged 160 Meter sloper
Sloping delta loop for 160 meters
Short base loaded top band antenna for 160 Meters, M0MTJ
Shunt Fed Tower for 160 Meters, W8RA
Shortened antenna on 160m
Shunt-Feeding a Short Tower on 80 and 160m, AA4LR
The 160 meter sloper system, K3LR
The 160-meter antenna
The inverted "L" antenna
Vertical for 160 band, SP7QHP

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