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A Switchbox for Soundcard Digital Modes, W3FPR
this switchbox uses the components from a computer COM port switch
- Digital VOX Sound Card Interface, KH6TY
transmit audio from the computer is connected to J1, isolated
Cable for TR-Log and the IC-706
Interface the Icom rig to TR-Log software on a notebook computer
FT-817 AFSK Cable
FT 817 AFSK Cable for PSK31,MFSK,Baudor,ect with PC Sound Cards
FT8x7 OptoCAT
Here is a simple interface for the Yaesu FT-100 and FT-8x7
Icom Yaesu and Kenwood CAT interfaces
Icom CAT Interface - Yaesu CAT Interface - Ham Radio Service Manuals
Isolating Sound Card Interface for SSB Transceivers
assembly of an interface between a PC and a SSB
Questa interfaccia permette la gestione remota dei moderni apparati radio
Kenwood to pc serial ports
FT-1000MP Band Selection and Amplifier Keying Interface
New and Improved Sound Card Packet Interface
Most of the digital communications used in the amateur bands
PG-4S to TH-F6 / TH-G71 Adapter
The computer interface cable, the PG-4P
PSK-31 Interface for the FT-817
It is a simple affair, with two isolation transformers
PSK31 Interfacing M0KGK
PSK31 is to interface a PC to the transceiver and use one
Selections of CAT interfaces for ICOM YAESU KENWOOD
Here is a very simple CI-V interface
Simple CW Keying Interface
When I discovered that I could make my logging program, ACLog
Sound Card Interface with Tone Keyer
improved version of the audio interface commonly used to connect
Sound card Data Interface, M0ZPK
Switch Audio Isolation Transformers Plugs sockets. USB Sound card
Sound Card Packet Interface KD5ZUG
New and Improved Sound Card Packet Interface ver29
Rig to Soundcard Interface,M0UKD
This was my practical project for the intermediate exam
Interface for SSTV using a Soundcard,WA0TSL
Ultra Simple Sound Card Interface Box,N1NKM
This page contains a schematic & photos to help you build
La sound per due apparati, IK0RKS
queto piccolo dispositivo nato da una email ricevuta
Computer-to-Radio interfacing
To connect your radio to the sound card, you'll need an interface
Yaesu FT-817 / FT-100 SoundCard Interface, OE1RIB
the purpose of the SoundCard Interface is to connect the Computers Soundcard
A Soundcard Digimode Interface
Many years ago I wanted to test RTTY and the new digital modes
Yaesu home brew Interface, DC9ZP
it runs smoothly in all O.A. YAESU devices, for example, with the program MixW2


SCI-6 PC Sound Card Interface Kit

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