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11 Meter long wire27 mhz antenna, NL3ASD
11 meter Moxon Antenna suitable for 27MHz CB
11 meter j pole end fed antenna
27 MHZ 1/2 Wave Dipole
4 element yagi for 27 MHz
3 Element Wide Band Yagi 27.4 - 28.7 mhz
An EH Antenna without Coaxial Feeder Cable
Antena plano de tierra
Antenna Bazooka for 27.500 MHz
Antenna Moxon Antenna Plan for 27MHz CB
Antenna EH autocostruita per i 27 Mhz
Antenna Loop Magnetica per 27 MHz autocostruita
Antenna for 27.305 MHz
Building a 4 Element Cubical Quad
Cubica de quadro 3 elementos
Dipolo filare con balun per 27 mHz
Dipolo mezz'onda per i 27 MHz
Dipolo rigido per 10 ed 11 mt
Delta Loop Antenna for 27 MHz
Delta Lopp for 11 meter
Easy to build Deltaloop für 27.555MHz 11m, DL5DBM
Easy to build compact quad antenna
Extended Double Zeppelin 27.500
Hentenna freq 27.500
Hb9cw for 27 MHz
Hf mobile 27 -28 MHz
Loop Magnetica per la 27MHz funziona da 23 MHz a 36 MHz
End Fed Portable Antenna
Moxon cb antenna for 27.200 MHz
Moxon Antenna for 27 MHz
Neue 11m portable Loop, DL4KCJ
Quadra qubica
Quad 4 element for 11 meter
Radiowavz Bazooka CB Dipole Review
Skypper o Spyder o Spyderbeam antenna per gli 11 metri
The HB9CV 11 meter, SM2YER
Skypper 3 element for 11m CB Antenna
Yagi 14 elementi autocostruita per PMR446
Yagi 5 elementi per 27.600 MHz, IK0ZIZ
Yagi due progetti per gli 11m

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