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8-Element High Frequency Log Period Dipole Array
the 8-element LPA is model KMA1832
A 5 band log periodic dipole array
In ARRL Antenna Compendium No. 4, I desribed how I modified
Antenna Log-periodica Bibanda 145 - 431MHz,IS0GRB
categoria delle antenne direzionali ed a larga banda
Antenna verticale aperiodica per HF, IZ1CYN
Con quest'antenna mi sono divertito un sacco
An air band log periodic antenna,AB9IL
This antenna, fed with high quality coaxial cable
Baluns on Log Periodic Antennas, W8JI
Some antenna manufacturers place baluns at the incorrect location
Calcolo Antenna Log Periodic
La log periodic un'antenna direttiva usata per la ricezione e la trasmissione
Designing Log Periodic Antennas
Lightweight and precise, the log periodic has become a favorite
HF Log Periodic antenna
One of the major drawbacks with many RF antenna
Log Periodic
The log-periodic dipole array (LPDA) consists of a system of driven elements
Log Periodic Dipole Array
The field patterns, input impedance for each dipole, overall input impedance and VSWR are computed
LPDA, Log-Periodic Dipole Array Design, ve7ca
Radio-Electronics Design Calculator
Log periodic antenna 1.0-3.5GHz
solder the conductor of cable at both
Log-Periodic Dipole Array Antenna
This antenna is often characterized by "active" and "passive" regions
Logarithmic Periodical Dipole Antenna
a small logarithmic periodical antenna for 1030 and 1060 MHz
LOG periodic dipol array
LOG periodic dipol array calculator
Log Periodic Dipole Antennas TITANEX
The Aluminum-Titanium material allows the construction of light
LPCAD Log Periodic CAD
LPCAD version 3.40 is now available
Log Periodic of Another Sort, W0RPK
Courtney and I have developed band selection and operating procedures
Log Periodic Dipole Array, LA8OKA
Log Periodic Dipole Arrays, or LPDA is a directional antenna
Non-planar log-periodic antenna
Non-planar log-periodic antenna feed for integration
Super Cheap Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna for Jupiter
This page describes my stick an wire log periodic dipole array antenna
Some thoughts on log-periodic antenne
accordance with the well known "Yagi-Uda" or "Yagi" antenna
Progettare un'antenna logaritmica LPDA, I5-4666FI
la loro larghissima banda passante, il guadagno non trascurabile dai circa 7/8
UHF Log-Periodic Array, VK2ZAY
Presented here is an experimental LPA for the Australian UHF broadcast

Calculator log periodic


HF Log Periodic Antennas
WiNRADiO AX-31B Planar Log-Periodic Antenna
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