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10 mt wire jpole, N1LO
20 mt wire Jpole vertival end feed
20-Meter J Pole Vertical, K6AER
40/15M band sloper, VK6YSF
4 Softrock v6.2 receivers in parallel to facilitate phased antenna, K1LT
7 mhz vertical monopole, IZ7DJR
A 90 foot Irrigation Tubing Vertical, N6RK
A low cost fishing pole vertical antenna, G4AON
Alte prestazione sulle bande basse, IK8JS
Antena vertical para 10, 15 Y 20 M
Antenna canna da pesca con Balun 1:4, IW0HAN
Antenna canna da pesca con Balun 1:4, I6HWD
Antenna canna da pesca rybakov, I6IBE
Antenna verticale con canna da pesca, IK1YEK
Antenna verticale tribanda 40/80/160, IN3ECI
Antenna Canna da Pesca, IW0BTN
Antenna da balcone per HF
Antenna hf multibanda tipo RYBAKOV
Antenna HF multibanda 10-15-20-40 Metri, IK0WGD
Antenna Sloper, HB9TQF
Antenna tipo canna da pesca, I6HWD
Antenna Up and Outer, OK1IKE
Antenna aperiodica 10-15-20 meter, HB9EIK
Antenne verticale Ground Plane
Antenna verticale 10-80 m
Antenne verticale ground plane a radians inclines
Antenne verticale raccourcie 40-80mt, F4DXU
Antenne verticale raccourcie pour le 14 et 28 MHz, F6BQU
Antenna verticale per hf non accordata
Balcony antenna extension, SM0VPO
Butternut HF2V for the 160-30 meter bands, OZ9AEC
Cushcraft R5 1/2 ? Vertical, PA0FRI
Design of a 20 Meter Top Loaded Vertical
Dual band wire vertical, KL7JR
Full 1/4 wave vertical for 40m, ON7AMI
GAP Titan DX Evaluation, AA3RL
GAP TITAN antenna
Ground plane direttiva su sei direzioni, IA5TMF
HF Exponential Cage Antenna, DL5AZA
Indoor Vertical Antenna, W5ALT
Julickcantanna field day, IW0BTN
La inmortal plano tierra
Modificare Mosley Devant Special, IW2BLG
Multi Band Vertical 10-80 metres, VK5ZVS
My big vertical antenna project, K8JHR
Progetto antenna verticale 10-20-40, IT9UMH
Phasing short hf vertical antennas, W8OG
Simple Vertical Antenna Theory, WC7I
Stilo portatile per i 18 Mhz
The 5 band pipe vertical That's 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters!, KL7JR
The portable random wire vertical
Utilisation d'un pylône autoportant en antenne verticale
Una antena hibrida de 3,5- 7 Mhz que ocupa poco espacio
Vertical 75/80 m
Vertical-Conical-Monopole-Antenna 20-40-80-160 metri, WB6LOH,I1ZYR
Verticale HF 15-17-20-30-40-80 mhz a sintonia continua, IW0DTK
Verticale HF portatile per 20/40m
Verticale Multibanda per i 10-15-20-40-80 metri
Verticale per 30/40 MT, IK4DC
Verticale per i 3.5mhz, I4JMY
Verticale trappolata per 12 e 17 metri
Verticale multibanda per le gamme dei 6-10-12-15-20 metri
Vertikal for 20 meter, DG0SA
Vertikalantenne fur 40 und 80m, DL7JV
Wide Band 40, 75, & 80 Meter Antenna, W1BEE

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DXbeam - Monobander Dual bander Tribander

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