Shortened 7Mhz Dipole

To construct each side of the antenna proceed as follows. Cut a 10.25 metre length of 24/0.076 insulated wire, and a 160 mm length of 40 mm o.d plastic tubing
post 28 Jan 2024
Shortened 7Mhz Dipole

Antenna 40 Meter Links


Dipolo rotativo a caricamento lineare per i 40m
40m 7.150MHz ed ha una larghezza di banda con ROS 1:1.5 di 150KHz, e' realizzato con due canne da pesca in VTR da 7 metri l'una 14 metri totali di dipolo

For 40m I am also working on a 40m 4 Square
Started building a new groundmounted 80m 4 square

Helically wound two element 40 mt yagi
The HW-40 is scaled down to 28 percentof full size

Noise reduction on 40m
Radiation from power lines, data lines and so on in the antenna, I tried to cut into this noise and for this I inserted two common mode inductors in the power line

The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80m bands

The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80m bands You don't have the space to put up a 4 beverage antenna's, an ewe or a 4-square and want 'good ears' on 160 and 80m? no problems try a k9ay loop antenna

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker ARCTRAC is a portable integrated satellite tracking system

Duplexer 2m-70cm

Duplexer 2m-70cm- Usare un'antenna bibanda 2/70 con due radio separate V/UHF, usare due antenne separate V/UHF con una singola radio bibanda