40 metre horizontal loop antenna

The 40m version with it's roughly 11m metre sides
post 28 Jan 2024
40 metre horizontal loop antenna

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Super Loop Antenna
The Superloop is the 30' length of ladderline hanging down from the center insulator. This length has been tuned so that appears to be a open circuit stub on 40 meters; thus the antenna becomes two full wave wires at 40 meters and is commonly referred to as the Bi Square antenna

The 40/30 Pyramid
I have something here that I believe is new. If it isn't then that's ok ,I don't use EZNEC or read antenna articles much. I like to innovate. This antenna is an innovation. I have read about a sloping two band Delta loop but it used two feed lines mine uses one. It is called the 40/30 pyramid

Two element parasitic delta loop array
Ladder line fed loops perform well.K4QKY hasbeen using large multi band ladder line fed loop antennas with good success for many years


Linear loaded short dipole 21Mhz For my amateur radio activities on the HF bands I only have a 3.6 m wide balcony available for antennas. After some study I decided to experiment with a shortened dipole for the 15 m band

Rx antennas 4Square Rx Vertical Array

Rx antennas 4Square Rx Vertical Array My frequency design of 1.825 MHz a 90 degrees line would be 33,70 metersinstead of the previously calculated 33,27 m

A simple SWR Meter is to be used at HF

A simple SWR Meter is to be used at HF An SWR meter provides information about how well matched is your antenna with the transmitter and how well power is being radiated