Full wave loop antenna

This Delta Loop is a three-sided antenna suspended high in the air by vertical supports, such as tall evergreen trees. Recommended height is 40 feet or more at highest point, but higher is better
post 22 Apr 2024
Full wave loop antenna

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Delta loop 10 - 80mt
I personally tried three wired Delta Loops. One at 10.1 MHz the other at 160 - 80m and the third at 80/40/20/10 / 15m. The first named Delta Loop hereafter referred to as DL worked virtually immediately after minor tuning, with more problems with the other. But everything first. Here is the DL for the 30m band

Delta loop 3 elementi filare reversibile
Come si comprende dal titolo, l'antenna che qui descrivo e' una classica Delta Loop a tre elementi per i 40 metr

Delta Loop de Onda Completa
Delta Loop can be built for any band, limiting only the space that we have available to place it. The shape of the loop can be distorted or tilted considerably without affecting the performance too much


Linear loaded short dipole 21Mhz For my amateur radio activities on the HF bands I only have a 3.6 m wide balcony available for antennas. After some study I decided to experiment with a shortened dipole for the 15 m band

Rx antennas 4Square Rx Vertical Array

Rx antennas 4Square Rx Vertical Array My frequency design of 1.825 MHz a 90 degrees line would be 33,70 metersinstead of the previously calculated 33,27 m

A simple SWR Meter is to be used at HF

A simple SWR Meter is to be used at HF An SWR meter provides information about how well matched is your antenna with the transmitter and how well power is being radiated