6:1 Voltage Balun

Requiring a balun to feed a balanced antenna from an un-balanced load with a impedance step up from 50ohms to 300ohms, a 1:6
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6:1 Voltage Balun

Toroid & balun Links


1:4 Guanella-Balun Current-Balun
The purpose of this article is to show how a 1:4 Guanella current balun changes an impedance level by a multiplier of four; for example, 50-ohm coax to a 200-ohm antenna

Constructing a 6:1 RF transformer
If it's using used a 50 Ohm coaxial transmission line, the main problem in constructing a 1:1 current balun using bifilar windings is that you have to get the impedance of the transmission line formed by the two parallel wires exactly correct

Balun & Chokes
I chose the LFB095051 ferrite tubes - sleeves with similar characteristics to the Mix31, therefore excellent for 80 and 160

9:1 Impedance Transformer
a 9:1 unbalanced to unbalanced UNUN impedance transformer, is to experiment with an Inverted V end fed antenna for 80 to 17m, I'm not aiming for transmission on 12 and 10m

The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80m bands

The K9AY loop antenna for 160 and 80m bands You don't have the space to put up a 4 beverage antenna's, an ewe or a 4-square and want 'good ears' on 160 and 80m? no problems try a k9ay loop antenna

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker ARCTRAC is a portable integrated satellite tracking system

Duplexer 2m-70cm

Duplexer 2m-70cm- Usare un'antenna bibanda 2/70 con due radio separate V/UHF, usare due antenne separate V/UHF con una singola radio bibanda