Antenna Lindeblad

The Lindenblad antenna has ideal features for receiving transmissions from moving satellites during very low passes on the horizon
post 16 Feb 2024
Antenna Lindeblad

Antenna for UHF VHF Links


A 70cm Big Wheel Antenna
This is a 70cm big wheel antenna which is needed for our beacon

AIS Antenna
The AIS signals are sent on two frequencies near 162-MHz, the upper end of the VHF Marine Band. Most commercially made antennas for the VHF Marine Band are omnidirectional verticals, and their gain is limited

Antenna Yagi 7 elements 403 Mhz
This antenna, designed with the help of Yagi-Calculator, a small and very practical program, was created in 4h30

Antenna for 2mt Yagi vhf 9 element
Antenna yagi 9 element Band 144-146 MHz gain 11 dB

Antenna Log-periodica Dual Band
The antenna belongs to the category of directional and broadband antennas

Antenna switch arduino for icom IC-7300

Antenna switch arduino for icom IC-7300 A solution built around an arduino nano and one of the readily available four relay switching boards

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker

Satellite Antenna Rotator Controller and TRACker ARCTRAC is a portable integrated satellite tracking system

Duplexer 2m-70cm

Duplexer 2m-70cm- Usare un'antenna bibanda 2/70 con due radio separate V/UHF, usare due antenne separate V/UHF con una singola radio bibanda