80 Meter Antenna

I pondered all manner of antennas until I hit on a possibility a short vertical!!!! But in the attic? Not totally!
post 25 Dec 2023

Antenna 80 meter Links


4 square 3650
Numerous tests and comparisons have shown that the antenna, despite its simplicity, works very well. Local measurements with stations from Rzeszów (6km) showed that F / B is above 20dB

80 and 160 mt-80ft for 80mt or 17 ft for 160mt
This is a vertically and horizontally polarized antenna the Linear loaded 1/4 wave length vertical radiator introduces very little loss

80 m 3/4 wave LLV
This is a vertically polarized Phased array. The left Vertical wire is 180 degrees out of phase with the middle and right Vertical wire. At 1/10 wavelength spacing from the right Vertical wire to the left Vertical wire it is producing a End-Fire Bidirectional Pattern,that developes a Gain of 5.9-DBi

40/80mt coil loaded dipole 23,3MT length