Antena Quadra Cubica for 11m

This antenna as in each frame has 2 elements in the vertical position and 2 in the horizontal position, there will be an optimized reception in these two polarizations
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Antena Quadra Cubica for 11m

Antenna Transmatch tuner Links


Build hf antenna tuner
This page details several T-match tuners. By comparing them, you should be able to construct a tuner to your own particular requirements

Realization of a coupling box by Patrice
The torus has 6 wires: 2 side CV, 2 side self and 2 to the outputs of the box, for the RX - TX.- For the six outputs of the torus, put "souplisso" recovered on the transformer of a micro insulation 2000 volts

Box agreement antenna with coil with caster and 4 CV isolated
From the left to the right we see the balun on the ferrite bar, the 4-cage CV and the roller coaster.

Box Antenna tuner 8 bandes
It covers amateur bands from 80 to 10 m in 7 ranges because the bands 14 and 18 MHz use the same position of the switch

Box Antenna tuner monobande 28/30 MHz
Like the 10 MHz mono-band box, this box operates in autotransfo. The permissible power is greater than 200 watts

Dipole 80/40 and 20/10 meters with tuner

Dipole 80/40 and 20/10 meters with tuner The wire used is an enamelled copper wire with a diameter of 1.9 mm and a length of 3 meters, often used in transformers

A remote antenna switch

A remote antenna switch An abiding dislike for bundles of cables running on the exterior of my house, so a remote antenna switch seemed like a good idea

Quad Stacked Omni 2.4/5 GHz Antenna

Quad Stacked Omni 2.4/5 GHz Antenna Compact Omni head design dual Band Frequency beamwidth: 360° Horizontal, 15° Vertical quad Stack improves gain to 12dBi