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AC electrical theory Part 4, G3YNH
Alyx Antenna Guide for Shortwave Radio Broadcasting
Amateur TVi Interference, HS0ZEE
Antenna Matching
Antennas Electromagnetic Waves
Antennas for ham transmitters
Antenne funzionamento di un'antenna
Antenne la polarizzazione
Biconica Antenne per misurare a larga banda
Circulators and ring hybrids
Comprimento do cabo coaxial Folclore versus tecnica
Dual-Z0 Shortened Stubs
HE TTFD-2 a broadband antenna for shortwave reception and transmission
Largo de los Cables Coaxiles
Measurements on Balanced Lines, VK5BR
Meglio FSK o AFSK
Noise Bridge, KV5R
Passive Antennas
Polarization antenna
Slotted Waveguide Antennas
The Half-Wave Dipole Antenna
The Short Dipole Antenna
The Short Dipole, K5DKZ

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