Click Votes Multiband Filar
- 40 Meter lazy h array, NA4L
Antena Bigode de Gato, PY2MAO
Antenna fra due carrucole
Antenna Tilted Terminated Folded Dipole, or TTFD
Antenna dipolo 6 bande senza trappole, IK2HTY
Antenna Morgain 40-80 metri 80-160, IM0JZJ
Antenna tipo G5RV, I1ZCT
Antenne multibande, F6BQU
Coaxial fed Windom Antenna
Dipol fr 17m / 40m, DL4CU
Dipole 40/80 Mt
Dipolo rotativo performante per 10 15 e 20 metri, IK7WPG
Dipolo 6 bande per HF
Dipolo trappolato tribanda 40 -80 -160
Dipolo HF 3 bande 14-21-28 Mhz V Invertita, I6IBE
Double zeep works 10 thru 160mt via tuner
Doublet Antenna, G4GKH
Dual band Antenna 80/40 loaded coil inverted v, YC1RHS
El Dipolo G5RV, LU9DPD
Experimental hf all band arials, G4TUG
Folded dipoles, W3HH
HF Antenna - 6m to 40m, G8JNJ
Invisible antenna long wire
La morgain, una vecchia signora, I1CRA
Le multidoublet fanned multiband dipole
L'antenne TTFD-2
Make a multiband EFHWA for amateur ham radio
Modified Buddipole Design for 40-10 meters, KS7J
Morgain lengths 20mt 7 - 3.5 mhz
Morgain per i 40 e gli 80 metri, IZ1NER
Multi Band Wire Antenna
Multiband 80m to 6m RADIALS, IK5XCT
Multiband one element vee beam, LA0HV
Multi-Band performer 20.30.40 mt
Multiband window 10,14,20,40 mt
Multi-band antenna for the 80, 40, 20, 17, 12, 10 and 6 meter
Notebook Antenna, N5ESE
No-Tuner, All-HF-Band, Horizontal, Center-Fed Antenna, W5DXP
NVIS Antenna Dimensions
Off-Center Feed - The Windom Antenna
Rhombic antenna forshortwave radio broadcasting
Shorten Dipole
Shorten Dipole for 10 & 40m. Bands, SV1XY
Simple but effective half wave dipole
T2FD Terminated Tilted Folded Dipole
T2FD antenna Tilted Terminated Folded Dipole
The G5RV Multiband HF Antenna
The Multiband 1.8/3.5 or 3.5/7mhz
The reflected W beam, DL7IO
The Half Square, Double Half Square
Titan DX Antenna Page, WASXV
The Homebrew Buddipole 17m/15m
Universele multiband dipool 2 13.4mt, PA0FRI
Wide Band 40, 75, & 80 Meter Antenna
W3HH Multibands with Balun for 10/80mt, F6GWO
W3dzz antenna filare multibanda, IK0RKS
Website D3 Antenna, W5GI
Windom 3.5 28 mhz
Windom antenna, GM3MXN
Wire antenna with coaxial cable traps, I1BAY

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