The Delta-Loop

The antenna is a 42 m delta loop at a height of 8 to 10 m above ground, which extends from the gable end of the house to two masts made of GRP. A radial of 20 m length, in order to operate the antenna on 80 m, runs around the corner, the structure then works as a dipole
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The Delta-Loop

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Delta Loop Dimenciones de la Antena en Mts
Delta arms, are all corticircuitados each other, the impedance at the point of power is 120 ohms, for this reason to feed it, a Much Range adapter is used. It is ideal for bands of 10, 15 and 20mt

Delta loop for 20mt
L'elemento radiante e' un triangolone di 6,7 metri per lato per un totale di 20,10 metri ed al centro della base del triangolo, realizzare un bobina fatta di 16 spire in aria diam. 2 cm., lunga 10 cm

28 and 24 MHz Limited Space 3/4 Wave Delta Loop
Using the standard formula for loops, 1005 divided by frequency in MHz gives us the one-wavelength design length for a particular band


Linear loaded short dipole 21Mhz For my amateur radio activities on the HF bands I only have a 3.6 m wide balcony available for antennas. After some study I decided to experiment with a shortened dipole for the 15 m band

Rx antennas 4Square Rx Vertical Array

Rx antennas 4Square Rx Vertical Array My frequency design of 1.825 MHz a 90 degrees line would be 33,70 metersinstead of the previously calculated 33,27 m

A simple SWR Meter is to be used at HF

A simple SWR Meter is to be used at HF An SWR meter provides information about how well matched is your antenna with the transmitter and how well power is being radiated