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As mast an 18 meter glass fiber mast of Spiderbeam,the system is sized to have the radiator and coil resonance at 160 meters
post 01 Mar 2023

Antenna 80 meter Links


Sloper per 80/160 lunghe solo MT. 17,50
This type of antenna has been installed for more than a year with interesting contacts on both bands

80-160 antenna for the small garden
I decided to make a trapped 80-160 meter vertical dipole with the feed point at 11 meters

80-160 metri
This antenna is to be used in a small space available

Antenna for the Low Bands..80 and 160m
I'm now using 45ft dipoles. loaded top and bottom cap hat wires on 80 and 160m, suspended from a 60ft high timber mast