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13 CM transverter, W6PQL
6m transverter and 30w amplifier
23 cm linear transverter
144 MHZ to 28 MHZ 2nd Down-Converter for AO-40 Sat, SV1BSX
144-28 Mhz Transverter, I1KFH
144MHz to 50MHz receive converter
222 MHz Transverter for the FT-817
1296 MHz Transverter, K5TRA
2304 MHz Transverter, KD0AR
24 Ghz Transverter per microonde, IK2RNA
50 MHz Transverter 10m-6m, DK7ZB
50-MHz transverter update, K8GU
28/144 MHz Transverter, ON4KHG
70 MHz Transverter, OZ2M
A 222 MHz Transverter Project, VE3CVG
Transverter 28-30/144-46Mhz
Downconverter Software Defined Radio, IW3AUT
Micor Low-Band Receiver Conversion 42-50 MHz to 50-54 MHz
Modified Transverter for Converting SSB CB to LF
Simple QRP Transverter for 70MHz, G3XBM
TenTec 1208CY 10/50 MHz Transverter, DF9CY
Transverters 50/28, I1KFH
Transverter, VK5ZD
Transverters 50 MHz auf 28 MHz, DL2BWH
Transverter70 28 MHz
The AOR AR5000 receiver, DL9KAS
UHF-VHF Receive Converter for use with a satellite LNB

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