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Antenna sperimentale per i 40 metri

Prove comparative fatte con un dipolo a 1/2 onda a 20mt. dal suolo - 5bB, con una verticale commerciale 7 BANDE,+5 dB
post 03 Jan 2022

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Shortened with 40 turns trap 7 mhz Dipole
To construct each side of the antenna proceed as follows. Cut a 10.25 metre length of 24/0.076 insulated wire, and a 160 mm length of 40 mm o.d plastic tubing

Shortening your dipole
We are going to use an 80 meter 1/2 wave dipole for this discussion.An 80 meter dipole 3.8mhz is about 38.5 meters 126.3feet total length

Sloper sloping dipoles 40mt-80mt
Having only a single vertical support or limited horizontal space might be a problem.Such a problem can be solved by mounting a dipole at a slope

Super gain antenna project for 40 meters
It is based on the theory of super gain NVIS arrays, which reject QRM from low angles and produces a very high angle of radiation