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Balun 9: 1 for Antenna Long wire


Balun 9: 1 for Antenna Long wire

To complete my season, I needed an antenna for bands over 40 meters, that is 40, 80, and 160 meters, but the useful space is a little tight, consulting several articles on the subject, I decided to build a balum of 9: 1 and stretch a wire LongWire in the space available

Balun 9: 1 for Antenna Long wire

Toroid & balun Links

1 to 1 balun, VK5ZVS

1:1 Guanella Current BalUn, VK6YSF
The balun is constructed from Category 5 UTP data cable and half a 180mm broadcast ferrite rod. Normally, twisted pair is about 100 ohms

1:1 HF Balun, balanced to Un-balanced, OZ2CPU
Here is the schematic of my "uthroff's Balun. I used 13 windings Windings are placed like on the schematic, 1-3-5 going ind on the top and 2-4-6 comming out of the bottom

4:1 Air core balunThe PVC pipe on hand here was 1-5/8' in diameter, so I dropped a turn or a little less just over 11 turns for each of the two wires

4:1 homebrew transformer, SV1BSX
A 4:1 homebrew transformer. The feed-point of this type of antennas off center has an impedance of about 300 Ohms. With a 4:1 Balun transformer is possible to feed easily by using a coaxial cable of 75 Ohms 300/4=75, like RG59 or RG11