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High-Q Coil Construction Techniques

High-Q coil inductors have something in common: the length of the coil can only be slightly longer than its diameter. In other words, high-Q coils have cube-like dimensions
post 23 Sep 2020

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Coaxial Traps forMultiband Antennas,the True Equivalent Circuit
Multiband Antenna DesignParallel-resonant circuits calledtraps are widely used to isolate partsof multiband antennas to make theantenna resonant on different fre-quencie

COAX traps
Coax traps are cheap, easy to assemble in a reproducible manner, very rugged, perfect for portable or permanent operation, on dipoles, inverted-V's etc

Coaxial Traps
The Coax trap program computes design parameters for the construction of coaxial traps for HF usage

Coaxial Traps Grid-dip meter method
A trap is a parallel resonant circuit network that can perform either of two functions in an antenna system, depending on whether the traps are resonant at the operating frequency

Coil Design
The coil design is one of the most difficult and important parts of the coilgun