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Stick Antenna for 2 Meters


Stick Antenna for 2 Meters

An aluminium version of the Vertical Bazooka design which was made from coax
post 24 Nov 2019

Stick Antenna for 2 Meters

Antenna Bazzoka Links

2mt and 70cm Bazooka Dipole, VK5ZVS
Two antennas for 2 and 70 centimeters! I made both antennas with the coaxial RG58 and inserted it into an electrical conduit

10m Bazooka, WD9N
The construction of the bazooka antenna is built with RG-6, has a ratio of 1.5: 1 SWR or less over the whole band

40m Coaxial Dipole Antenna aka Double Bazooka, M0EZP
This was a real surprise for 40m, the band for which it was designed.

1/4 Vertical bazooka antenna for the 40m , ON8IM
Omnidirectional antenna for the 40m, the angle of the radials will be idealy between 35 and 45

Antena Doble Bazooka 40 metros