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Vertical Antenna

Antenna canna da pesca con Balun 1:4


Antenna canna da pesca con Balun 1:4

Canna da punta in vetroresina da 6 mt e di un balun costruito con una ferrite T200

Antenna canna da pesca con Balun 1:4

Antenna Vertical Links

Dual Band Vertikal Antenna 40/80mt, DB9EX
Choke-Balun with RG223U on Amidon core, radials still missing for better view to the Balun

Full 1/4 wave vertical for 40m, ON7AMI
To construct the antenna, I used 6 tubes of each 2m length. Starting at 10mm diameter for the top and ending with 36 mm at the foot

GAP Titan DX Evaluation, AA3RL
The GAP Titan DX It is appx. 25 feet high, and split in the middle with an insulator, allows to operate with acceptable SWR on every band from 80 through 10 meters, including WARC bands

Ground plane direttiva su sei direzioni, IA5TMF
Questa e' una antenna adatta per HF se si dispone di un terreno od un cortile in cui piantare tre aste verticali di 1/4 di lunghezza

HF Exponential Cage Antenna, DL5AZA
Wire skeleton structure with 8 vertical wires