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A little about SWR, WC7I
A PIC16F876 based, automatic 1.8 - 60 MHz SWR/WATTmeter, IK3OIL
A Mini Primer on SWR Measurements
A Small Digital QRP SWR Meter with OLED Display, ZL2PD
Antenna Reflection and SWR Calculator
Arduino RF power & SWR meter, ON7EQ
Externe s-meter for YAESU FT-857 EN FT-897, PI4FRG
FT Meter per Yaesu FT-857 / FT-897
FT Meter Yaesu 897 e 857, I6IBE
HF Low-Power meter based on temperature measurements, ON7AMI
H.F. Directional Power Meter
Homemade UHF SWR meter
Half-Wave Dipoles - Feedline VSWR
How to Use an SWR / VSWR Meter
Led Swr Bridge, N7VE
LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter
Meter and Low Power Tune for FT-857D, N3OX
Misuratore di guadagno d'antenna, I4VIL
PCB Vswr bridge, SM0VPO
QRP Wattmeter
RF measuring bridge for the standing wave alignment, DL2LUX
Rosmetro con accoppiatore a due toroidi, I0XJ
Setting the SWR of Your Antenna
Simple 2.4 GHz SWR Meter, N9ZIA
Simple RF Power, W6PQL
RF power- and VSWR-meters, LA8AK
Simple RF-Power Measurement, W7ZOI-W7PUA
Simple Wideband SWR Meter
SWR meter for Ham Fest India 2016
SWR & Line Current Meter
SWR and transmitters
SWR-meter HF-VHF with PIC16F877, YO4HFU
USB/Serial SWR Meter, KK5JY
VHF UHF strip-line reflectometer, OH5IY
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
Tuning Your Antenna
Will a high SWR blow up my transmitter, WC7I"
Wattmetre de -60 a +60 dBm et mesureur de champs, ON4KHG

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