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80 Meter Antenna
80 meter doublet antenna design, WB0SMX
80m Inverted-L Base-loaded for 160m, M0EZP
80m Antenna Spitfire, UA9BA
80 MT Antennas on ARDF
40m-80m ground planes and a squid pole
160m/80m dual band vertical, DJ0JP
2-element Parasitic Vertical Array for 80, VE3VN
Antenna a T per gli 80 metri
Antenne doublet epais bande 80mt
Antena para 80/40 metros, bobinada e de alta performance
Building 80-meter 4-square, W5WZ
Coil loading of an 80m Dipole for restricted space, VK3JEG
Dipolo bobinada 40-80 Mts, CE4WJK
Dipolo ripiegato per gli 80 metri, IZ1NER
Dipolo gordo para 80m
Dipolo rotativo delta para 80 metros, EA5JK
Dipolo rigido nvis 40-80m,I3RKE
Dual Band Antenna 40/80m,YC1RHS
Inverted L Antenna 160 -80 -40 meters
Larga banda in 80mt, I1BAY
Loop antenna for Rx on 80m
Portable Vertical Antenna for 75m & 40, VE2AZX
QRP 80 Metre Slinky Dipole, M0WYM
Quad cubical 80 mts, CE4WJK
Quarter wave 80 meter vertical antenna, W4NFR
Spitfire for 80 meters, HA8RM
Spitfire for 80 meters, HA8RM
Skyloop Antenna 3.5 to 50 MHz
Sloper per 80/160 lunghe solo MT. 17,50, IK4DCS
The 80m 2el. Yagi project, HA8RM
The 80M elevated wire vertical array, VA7ST
Vertical 80m balloon antenna, G1EXG
Verticale per 80m, K0MPH
Vertical resonant around 3.5 MHz, K1LT
Verticale ad un quarto d'onda accorciata

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