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80m ARDF Antenna, G3ZOI
Aerials Some thoughts and ideas, M0SCG
An End Fed Inverted Monoband Vee, W8HDU
Antenna Long Wire, HB9TQF
Antenna per il fine settimana
Antenna dipolo mezz'onda
Antenne accorciate
Antenne Zeppelin 300-600 ohm
Balun 9:1 per long wire, I2WOQ
Building a Double Extended Zepp Antenna, N8ITF
Cage dipoles prismatics
Coaxial Dipole antenna, M0EZP
Coaxial Folded Dipole Antenna
Dipole Cobra Ultra Lite
EFHW the end-fed half wave antenna, WA5BDU
Five simple antennas, 5Z4F
HF wire antenna
Homebrew a Half-Wave Dipole Antenna calculator, WS6X
How to build a G5RV Transmitting antenna, KK5B
Il dipolo semplice, I0SJ
Inverted V Antenna
Levy high vertical strips, F5AD
Long Wire Antenna
Long Wire, IK1QLD
Long wire con balun 9.1,IW0EAJ
My Antenna Zepp, Double Zepp, or Dipole, WB0JNR
Reversible Parallel Slot Antenna, W1GQL
Simple wire dipoles and verticals, VE3NXB
Sky-Hook for the Antenna Wire, DL6IP
The EWE in the Garden
The folded dipole double wire, LA8OKA
The folded dipole
The G5RV antenna
The G5RV Multiband HF Antenna, YB0EMJ
The Inverted "L" Antenna, AA3PX
The W3EDP antenna, OK1RR
Vertical Dipole
Wire antennas for the low bands, G8JNJ

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